What is Sport Massage?

  • Sports massage is the science and art of applying massage and related techniques to maintain the health of the athlete, to enhance athletic performance and facilitate injury rehabilitation.

Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage effective on sports injuries?

A many sports injuries can benefit from lymphatic drainage due to the wide-ranging effects of the technique, such as alleviation of edema and inflammation, tissue detoxification and regeneration, alleviation of pain, stimulation of natural immunity, and reduction of spasms.

Lymph drainage may be applied to numerous sports-related injuries/conditions, including: edemas, bruises, hematomas (once the bleeding has stopped), sprains, muscle spasms, muscle cramps or pain, ligament lesions, post-fracture or post-sprain symptoms, scars/fibrosis, and pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation. Finally, we can use these techniques to drain the tissue of waste and lactic acid and help the athlete to prepare for the next event. Remember that in sports-related trauma, the bleeding must have stopped and, if possible, any bone dislocation should have been assessed and reduced before utilizing lymphatic drainage.

How long is a PUSH(SM) Therapy session?

  • All sessions at Body Mechanic Sports are 90 minutes. Sessions include several aspects of the treatment plan. With in one session we could be doing hands on treatment, self-treatment training, mobility training, or core strengthening. Amount of time on the table verses doing other aspects of the treatment time depends on clients situation. Your therapist will be formulating a personalized treatment plan that best fits your needs.

How many sessions will I need?

  • Totally depends on the client! Many clients will see drastic changes with just one treatment; others will take two or three to begin really seeing changes.
    Clients who choose to actively participate in the Treatment Plan, doing the Mobility Training, self-treatment and core strengthening, consistently see more dramatic, faster results than those who only come and just want the treatments. PUSH(SM), like anything else is NOT a magic pill!
    At every session, you will be reevaluated where your body is, how it’s progressing and what needs to be the next step in the treatment plan.


How PUSH(SM) Therapy different than Massage Therapy?

  • Massage and PUSH(SM) are both manual therapies with very different agendas.
    While Massage is meant to be soothing, and create sensations of relaxation,
    PUSH(SM) is very targeted and goal oriented. PUSH(SM) is focus on long term muscular and structural change to the body, decreasing pain and tension, and enhancing posture and performance. While most massage therapist will spend the entire session with clients on the table, PUSH(SM) therapists create a customized treatment plan for clients, where we are able to give people more than just the hands on treatments. PUSH(SM) Treatment Sessions are done fully clothed and without oils or lotions.

What do I wear to a PUSH(SM) Therapy Session?

  • This is a very important point! We ask that clients wear or bring with them soft, cotton clothes for treatment. A t-shirt and sweats or pajama pants are ideal. Please understand that we are not able to treat clients in jeans, ribbed material or anything with thick seams, and bring appropriate clothing with you.

What can I do to prepare for my PUSH(SM) Treatment?

  • Please bring with you to your first session, x rays, MRIs, physical therapy exercises, doctor’s notes or any medical records that might aide in formulating your custom treatment plan.
    Please make sure you have eaten prior to your PUSH(SM) treatment and come really well hydrated.

What’s the best thing to do after my PUSH(SM) Session?

  • We recommend reinforcing the increase blood flow from treatment with a hot bath or hot tub soak. Drinking plenty of water after a session, also helps flush out metabolic waste released by the body during treatment. Light activity such as walking, helps the body to integrate the bodywork and reset the bodies proprioception. These recommendations can really aid in how you feel after a session!

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