Treatment Packages and Costs


60 Minute Session: $70

90 Minute Session: $100.00

120 Minute Session: $135

Recommended First: $95— For injury rehabilitation, serious ongoing treatment, and specific training goals, this initial session includes intake, assessmentsand full 60 minute treatment.

Discounts (one discount applied per person):    $10 off for seniors (60 and older), BRAC members, military veterans, active military service, police and firefighters. 


Maintenance Packages: Four 60 minute sessions= $230 OR Four 90 minute sessions= $350

Injury/Sports Specific Package: 1 initial session and three 60 minute sessions= $250

*Packages must be paid in full. Discounts do not apply to packages.




PUSH(SM) Therapy

FREE 30 Minute Consultation
Do you want to see if PUSH Therapy is right for you?
Schedule your FREE 30 Minute Consultation today!

Initial Evaluation Session – 2 hours $135.00

Regular Sessions – 1 ½ hour $100.00

Extended Sessions – 2 hours $135.00

PUSH(SM) Therapy Packages

$500 for 6 regular sessions. You save $70.00!

$650.00 for 6 extended sessions. You save $100.00!

If your stress, overuse, repetitive use or injury has left you with patterns of tension and pain, its time to develop your personalized PUSH Treatment Plan today!


Trauma Touch Therapy (TM) 

FREE 30 minute consultation to gauge whether this therapy is appropriate for you.

Sessions vary in length from 60-90 minutes depending on client needs.

$70 per session or $600 for 10 sessions (paid in full at the first session).