Tools of Our Trade

Our integrated approach draws from our tool box of various techniques from Swedish, myofascial, and neuromuscular massage as well as other modalities to enhance your session experience.

  • Swedish Massage- benefits include mental and physical relaxation, increased circulation and general stress reduction.
  • Myofascial Massage- also referred to as deep tissue massage, benefits include increased range of motion, reduced muscle and fascial tension allowing the body to reorganize tissue to enhance healing.
  • Neuromuscular Massage- benefits include releasing trigger points, muscle integration, aids in injury repair and pain reduction.
  • Lymphatic Drainage(LDM)- a soft, rhythmic style of massage that engages the lymphatic system, uses precise rhythm and pressure to opens and stimulates the system to reduce fluid build up in the soft tissues of the body. LDM stimulates a sluggish immune system, reduces swell from sports injuries, improves healthy scar tissue repair, carries toxins away from the muscle tissues, reduces fatigue.
  • PUSH (SM)- PUSH Therapy does more than just chase symptoms! Our unique PUSH Treatment Plan is designed to relieve pain, increase range of motion, improve athletic endurance, and provide long-term structural changes to the body.
    • PUSH(SM) Treatments
      PUSH Treatments are the most important aspect of our treatment plan. Treatments are the beginning of changing the negative patterns of Chronic Passive Tension. When beginning the treatment plan, clients should receive treatments once or twice a week, depending on severity of pain or tension.
      We use Soft Pressure StimulationSM to break the tension cycle and restore blood and oxygen to nerves and muscles.PUSH(SM) Self Treatments
      Education of self-treatment is the second component of the treatment. Clients’ self-treatments can prevent or slow the negative patterns building between treatments.
      Self-treatment is vital, as it aids you to make faster progress towards long-term changes to the body. Break the cycle of chronic pain and tension by using our unique methods of self-treatments so you don’t need to rely on therapist treatments to maintain.PUSH(SM) Mobility Training
      The PUSH Mobility Training addresses the source of the chronic pain and tension. You and your therapist will find out what actions cause pain and tension and learn to do those actions without stress on the body. Mobility Training helps your body move in the way it was physiologically designed to work. Learn how to change life-long patterns of tension and be pain-free and mobile during activities and athletic training.PUSH(SM) Core Strengthening
      PUSH Core Strengthening is the most unique aspect of the treatment plan. Core strength training, using the PUSH methods, changes the structure of the body, bringing it back to its natural alignment. The strengthening techniques work with muscles to support natural alignment with out causing chronic passive tension. The body begins replacing old negative muscle memory patterns with new correct alignment and supported muscle structures. PUSH Core Strengthening is a different, comprehensive look at the physical training of the muscular system.There is a plan…..the PUSH Treatment Plan!
      Personalized treatment plans include regular evaluation of client progress and continual education. Our treatment plan is the map of how to get you to your pain free, mobile destination through strength and relaxation.
  • Body Talk (TM)- This consciousness-based health care system facilitates the reconnection of body and mind when clients have experienced stresses and injuries due to lifestyle, eating habits, accidents and sports participation. This is a wholistic practice supports your body’s ability to heal itself.
  • Prenatal Massage- benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, edema and blood pressure reduction, increased blood and lymph flow, and reduces pain due to musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy. Massage contributes to a general feeling of well-being.
  • Trauma Touch Therapy (TM)- client-centered and client-direct bodywork modality that aims to reintegrate body sensations and safe touch for clients who have experienced trauma. This therapy typically involves 10 sessions of weekly or biweekly appointments.
  • RockTape – RockTape is designed to facilitate movement through proper placement for pain mitigation, decompression and circulation and neurosensory input.